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OUT NOW 2024

The songs in this album were written over several years and speak to the experiences of life, parenting, relationships, grief, and adventures into the unknown. Each tells its own story as we reflect on this journey through life.

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'A Midnight Moon'


‘A Midnight Moon’ is about the magic and mystery of the night. It is a gentle nod to the quiet thoughts that arise in our minds as the moon slowly appears in the night sky. A peaceful yet powerful time. One in which evokes a rawness deep inside of all of us that we so rarely get to release. It is for those soul searchers and dreamers still following the stars. Waiting to be guided into warm arms

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Debut album


Under A Sudden Sun references the hills of Berkeley, Ca where songwriter, Tony Cecchetti, grew up. It is about the first light of day and that special moment, early in the morning, when the sun begins to peak beyond the distant hills. It is an album about new beginnings and a road to the unknown. We hope this album takes you to a special place of your own. Enjoy!

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