BC folk/americana band CALICO came to fruition through the isolated times of early 2020. Songwriter and vocalist Tony Cecchetti would put his 6-month-old baby girl to sleep and head to the living room to record. Every second of free time for a period of a month, his fiancée would allow him to record in their small space while their daughter slept.

The themes of growth and transformation embedded in their music are directly linked to the collective experience during the pandemic. Amidst the isolation and chaos, good friends (Tony Cecchetti, Chris Couto, Will Lloyd, and JeanSe Le Doujet) found ways to connect through writing music together while in the intimacy and confines of their own homes. From this, the collective CALICO was born. 

The hope is that the nostalgic and deeply poetic music created by CALICO moves you. Maybe it reminds you of a place or a feeling, a lover, your childhood dog, a walk with an old friend on a starry night, or maybe those you miss most in life and don’t see enough. May it bring you joy, peace, and love. Thanks for listening. 

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