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The Band


Tony Cecchetti

Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitar

CALICO's originator Tony Cecchetti, is a folk-americana artist from the Bay Area currently residing in Victoria, BC. He moved to BC from Berkeley, CA in 2010 for university and never left. 

Music is an outlet for him to tell a story, convey a memory, and share the deep emotions and ideas that move him through life. Every song is related to his experience of walking this earth and represents the core of who he is and what he believes in. Provoking nostalgia, his music reminds him of moments throughout his life - some good, some bad. They are raw and profoundly personal.

Tony’s first time sharing was only a few short years ago. After starting to play guitar and writing songs in 2015, he participated in songwriting workshops that a mentor of his, Michael Averill, ran out of Vancouver, BC.

Shortly thereafter, he started playing live music during yoga classes at a friend’s studio in Squamish, BC. He was given the opportunity to share his intimate songs in a safe space, allowing him to share his voice and officially begin his musical journey.

Chris Couto

Drummer, Producer

Chris Couto is the Co-founder, Producer and drummer of CALICO.

Chris is a respected, dependable professional session-musician, Producer, Arranger and Educator from Vancouver, BC. He has been Nominated for a JUNO for best World Album of the year 2021 titled 'PATRIA' with one of his many groups, MAZACOTE. His professional career has spanned for over half of his life, gaining experience touring Canada-wide and internationally.

Tony is one of Chris's closest friends and they both wanted to push this project years ago. Chris has always been a strong believer of Tony's poetic message and the way he carriers himself through music, it was always something special to him. So when time slowed down last year in 2020 they knew it was time to bring this to fruition. 

Chris is always working on an assortment of varying projects and hopes to continue making a difference in the community as he strongly believes that music has the power to change lives—to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people, and serve as a profound medium of personal expression


JeanSe Le Doujet


JeanSe has known Chris for a few years, as they've played many (MANY) shows together holding down the rhythm section for many (MANY) bands in Vancouver, BC. On several occasions, they'd meet with Chris's dear friend Tony, whose energy and positivity was so contagious, that every time he mentioned he wanted to write an album, JeanSe would make it clear that he was already all in, without even knowing what kind of music it was.

When JeanSe finally heard Tony's songs on voice memos, he got even more excited, especially knowing that Chris was going to play drums and produce it. So everyone got to work and each recorded from home. Shortly, all these beautiful, poetic melodies progressively turned into a solid bunch of songs, all with a different soul, a different vibe, but always with so much love.
 Then JeanSe found out that Will played electric guitar on them, later on, giving those already gorgeous songs that extra melancholic, mimosa-flavoured vibe. That’s what CALICO means to JeanSe, a project created from love, with love, with a bunch of good friends who are genuinely talented and passionate about their craft.

Will Lloyd

Lead Guitarist

Wills dreamy and sophisticated guitar lines are a big part of the bands vibe. His musical ear is outstanding when it comes to nostalgic written lyrics. He has this organic way of feeding into the music, taking you on a journey from the first note.

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